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Documentation and Work Instructions

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Business Solutions through Management System Standards

Upcoming News and Articles!

What Is Measured, Gets Done!

Work Instructions That Work.

Six The best way to tell that your instructions are working is when you do not have errors, complaints or returned product. You know that they are working when...(article)

You can not Be The Best if you are striving to Be Average.

Six Sigma, ISO standards, TQM all concentrate on continuous improvement. In the process of implementation though, a lot of the concentration of effort is on failures, errors, etc. This gives quality improvement a negative focus.... (article)

Does Your Audit Process Resemble Scotland Yard?

The first step to changing how the audit process affects your bottom line starts with the executive team of an organization. The executive team needs... (article)

Lean Manufacture

Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy focusing on reduction of the seven wastes: Over-production, Waiting time, Processing, Inventory, Motion, Scrap in Transportation...(article)

Keep Your Management System FIT - How to Remove FAT from your Management System?

When we gain a little weight around the middle we do not feel as energetic. Some tasks may take us longer to accomplish. A management system is just as... (article)

Work Instructions - How to Develop Effective Work Instructions

Work instructions are the most basic tool used in every business ...Inadequate Work Instructions could result in returned product, loss of materials, customer complaints, liability ... (article)

Innovation and Creativity versus Standards - Who is Winning the Battle in your Company?

Innovation and creativity have been buzzing around corporate environments... Employees in charge of creativity and innovation are budding heads with those striving for standardization... as if their creativity was being squashed. ... (article)

National Quality Award Criteria And Management System Standards-How Standards can be used to help meet the criteria

Demonstration of how Management System Standards like IS 9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, and ISO 16949:2002 can be used to help in satisfying requirements of Malcolm Baldrige Criteria... (article)

ISO 9000 - Good for Your Whole System not Just for Quality

Standards are becoming a way of life...why you would want to exclude a purchasing or marketing department?...When the departments are functioning at different levels constant friction and disagreements further result in waste for the company. (article)

Selecting the Management System That Fits Your Organization

Management system standards and excellence models help you take your organization closer to greatness...Leaders come and go. Employees constantly change. Environment, markets,... (article)

The Road From Chaos to Management System From Gap Analysis to Implementation Master Plan

Where to start is always the first question when you are ready to make a big change. Every organization, company, startup or an established business has a management system. Every... (article)


Many companies today have either a quality department for inspection of their product, or inspection is build in as part of the process. Even if they perform a 100% inspection of every product ... (article)

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There are many approaches to implementing quality management systems. In a few minutes you can determine what is your next plan of action towards a better management system.

ISO 9001
QS 9000
ISO 14001
Guide 25
CE Mark
TE Supplement
TL 9000
VDA 6.1
ISO/TS 16949
ISO 10012

You can search by product or name to find out who is registered and to which standard.

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